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Trusted skin care for people with psoriasis, eczema, acne and dry skin

Medical experts search the world for suitable products, so you don't have to. Go to store »

I love this product finder where you can specify what it is that you need, because then I don’t need to sit and figure out if this product can be used in my hair or if it’s too harsh to be used in my face

Addressing the psoriasis happiness gap

Join the movement to raise awareness, combat social stigma and build a community of support.

It's not just about psoriasis visibly affecting someone's skin. It's about how it affects you on a day-to-day basis and in the long run

Holly Dillon, Psoriasis Campaigner

Empowering psoriasis patients through real conversations

Flaym is a friendly online community offering support and advice on life with psoriasis. Check it out!

Having found this app has inspired me to slowly gain confidence and come to terms with psoriasis, knowing that we are not alone. It's been 2 years too late!


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With hubs in UK, US, Canada, France and Denmark, we team up with a wide range of partners in the start-up and innovation environment.

We are currently looking to establish a global network of partners.

Employee spotlight

Maria Freitas, Growth Hacking Manager
Maria Freitas, Growth Hacking Manager
Having previously worked at both big corporations and startups alike, I have to say that LEO Innovation Lab offers the best of both worlds. What's most rewarding is the fact that we work so fast you quickly add value to the projects. Most of the time that involves starting, or being heavily involved in whatever you do.
We're always ready for new ideas