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Addressing the psoriasis happiness gap

PsoHappy is dedicated to exploring the impact psoriasis and other chronic conditions have on quality of life and happiness. Our findings, published in the World Psoriasis Happiness Report 2017, contain insights on the impact of psoriasis on well-being from 121,800 patients from 184 countries.

Better treatments to the people who need them - sooner.

With Studies&Me we make it easier for people with skin conditions to find the right clinical study, contribute to medical knowledge and help test new treatments.

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With hubs in UK, US, Canada, France and Denmark, we team up with a wide range of partners in the start-up and innovation environment.

We are currently looking to establish a global network of partners.

Employee spotlight

Maria Freitas, Growth Hacking Manager
Maria Freitas, Growth Hacking Manager
Having previously worked at both big corporations and startups alike, I have to say that LEO Innovation Lab offers the best of both worlds. What's most rewarding is the fact that we work so fast you quickly add value to the projects. Most of the time that involves starting, or being heavily involved in whatever you do.
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