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The world's first store dedicated to psoriasis

Our medical experts search the world for suitable products to help psoriasis symptoms, so you don’t have to.

I love this product finder where you can specify what it is that you need, because then I don’t need to sit and figure out if this product can be used in my hair or if it’s too harsh to be used in my face

A journey to reach healthier skin

Get a personal nutrition coach to help transform your diet and calm the inflammation that can cause your symptoms.

I found that after the first month that my psoriasis wasn’t as bad, and it made eating healthily for me even more rewarding


Explore the relationship between skin and health

Alba’s Post is improving people’s skin and health through surveys on supplements, nutrition and factors from everyday life. Inclusive research on external factors - tried and tested by real people.

For the first 3 weeks my condition remained the same. But this last week I have seen a big move in the betterment of my skin. Very little itching and my skin appears healthier

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With hubs in UK, US, Canada, France and Denmark, we team up with a wide range of partners in the start-up and innovation environment.

We are currently looking to establish a global network of partners.

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Julie Bagger, Product Owner at InTouch
Julie Bagger, Product Owner at InTouch
Every day offers a new challenge, a new hurdle to jump and new areas of expertise to wrap your head around. Doing so in a fast-paced, ambitious environment with such skilled and engaged colleagues is a privilege.
We're always ready for new ideas