How has the pandemic impacted innovation in the health tech industry?


The pandemic has changed the world. All people, countries and industries have been affected one way or another. With challenges comes opportunities, and for our industry change is often welcomed as change is more often than not followed closely by innovative solutions and meaningful change. 

Andrei Chiriac, Omhu

According to Andrei Chiriac, Senior Medical Advisor at Omhu, a LEO Innovation Lab spin out, the pandemic has had a positive impact on parts of the health tech industry.

“The pandemic has really impacted the doctor’s adaptation speed of telemedicine. The last many years we have seen that doctors have been reluctant to use digital technology, but all of the sudden this switched as the need for it changed: telemedicine became a necessity as countries went into lockdown. It showed how much doctors wish to connect with their patients. 

It also brought changes at the level of authorities where the pandemic forced awareness of the need to digitise the medical system in a way that is as safe, interoperable and efficient as possible for all involved. 

For us it has provided many learnings as well, as this situation gave us a better understanding of the doctors and patients expectations, especially related to the quality of the telemedicine service delivered, data confidentiality and reimbursement. I believe these higher expectations are what will drive innovations even more in the years to come and where the industry needs to put focus.”