Our story

LEO Innovation Lab is an independent unit, established by LEO Pharma as part of a long-term strategic decision to focus on patient needs.

It's all about improving the life of people living with a skin condition

LEO Innovation Lab is established by LEO Pharma as part of a long-term strategic decision to focus on patient needs.

We don’t develop medical treatments – instead, we look at all the aspects of everyday life that can affect a person who has a skin condition. The solutions are focused primarily on e-Health and add-on devices.

We have been established as an independent unit to create a smaller, more agile organization, where innovation can thrive and solutions be brought to market and tested faster.

As LEO Pharma is owned entirely by the LEO Foundation and has no shareholders, its profits are reinvested in developing new solutions to support the overall mission: To help people achieve healthy skin. This unique ownership structure has made it possible to establish LEO Innovation Lab with a goal of making a difference to people living with a skin condition.

Our process

We work with an internal process that does not limit creativity, where the focus is on solving the problem with a solution that the users really need.

We have involved users from the beginning and we continue to do so every week, which allows us to validate or discard our hypothesis and to test our solutions at a rapid pace. We also ask them to share challenges from their everyday lives and to share ideas if they have suggestions on how to solve them. The most central process in the way we work is our ‘100-days’ build phase which ensures a minimum viable product or service fast on the market.

process-illu-newIdeaNaked ideaShort written descriptionCustomer problemIdea assumption1ExploreInterpretationHypothesesDescription of domainand challengeGather researchGather inspiration2Concept MVPDetailed conceptKey hypothesesSupporting evidenceConcept descriptionMVP featuresTechnical requirements3100 days buildBuild and find usersEngage with target usersBuild MVP (Minimum!)Test, refine & testsStakeholders mgmt.Plan market experimentSuggested KPIs4ExperimentAcquire real usersFunctional MVPBuild-measure-learnRefine hypothesesProve on a smaller scalePlan growth modelClear KPIs5LaunchGrowing solutionV1 solutionGrow usersBuild-measure-learnExplore business modelTest growth modelPlan V26
Idea 1 Explore 2 Interpretation Concept MVP 3 Detailed concept 100 days build 4 Build and find users Experiment 5 Acquire real users Launch 6 Growing solution Naked idea

Employee Spotlight

Daniel Jensen, Product Owner, HelloSkin
Daniel Jensen, Product Owner, HelloSkin
The way we are testing and building solutions in less than 100 days gets us closer to the goal of helping people living with skin diseases every day. I do that with a highly talented team with a set of very different skills. You get to be part of that. What is there to consider?