Helping create empowered patients

We don’t develop medical treatments - we build digital solutions that address the challenges of the modern patient journey.

Established by LEO Pharma as a small organization, we are built to drive radical innovation to bring our creation to market faster. Our work is enabled by LEO Pharma’s unique ownership structure – owned by the LEO Foundation, with no shareholders, all profits are reinvested to help patients.


We are governed by some of Denmark’s leading names in innovation and health tech.

Kristian Hart Hansen, CEO

Under Kristian’s leadership, LEO Innovation Lab has developed a range of innovative digital platforms that enable a more seamless experience for patients within each stage of the clinical journey. Kristian’s vision is to nurture a clinical journey that is more adaptable, patient-driven, and most importantly, more efficient.

Gitte Aabo, CEO & President,
LEO Pharma

Gitte Aabo has been the Chief Executive Officer and President of LEO Pharma since January 2008. She is Member of the boards of Danmarks Nationalbank (the Danish National Bank), the American Skin Association Board, the American Skin Association Education Council and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations.

Jakob Jønck, Entrepeneur

Jakob Jønck co-founded health and fitness platform Endomondo in 2007, which went on to be acquired by sports apparel brand Under Armour. An avid athlete and former consultant at McKinsey & Co. Jakob remains an active voice on the global health tech community.

Kim Kjøller, EVP, Global R&D

Kim Kjoeller has over 20 years experience in development and scientific affairs within pharma, holding previous positions at Sanofi and Lundbeck. As part of Kim’s global R&D portfolio, LEO Innovation Lab has thrived to grow several digital patient solutions that enable LEO Pharma to place patients at the centre of every development decision.


Solving problems with unlimited creativity

We look at the problems of everyday life affecting people with skin conditions, and work with patients directly to find solutions that they really need. Then we employ a stringent 100-day build phase to get products and services from the idea stage to market quickly.

Discovery: Conceptualization
  • Idea
Naked idea

Short written description

Customer problem

Idea assumption

  • Explore


Description of domain and challenge

Gather research

Gather inspiration

  • Concept MVP
Detailed MVP

Key hypotheses

Supporting evidence

Concept description

MVP features

Technical requirements

Incubation: Experimentation
  • 100 days build
Build and find users

Engage with target users

Build MVP (Minimum!)

Test, refine & tests

Stakeholders mgmt.

Plan market experiment

Suggested KPIs

  • Launch
Acquire real  users

Functional MVP


Refine hypotheses

Prove on smaller scale

Plan growth model

Clear KPIs

Explore bus. model

  • Accelerate
Growing solution


Scale growth model

Value tracking (topline, users, data, etc.)

Customer metrics (CAC, churn-rate, etc.)

Financial measures