How has the pandemic impacted innovation in clinical trials?

“In a time where COVID-19 has taken its toll across many sectors and industries, including the clinical trial industry, the need for rethinking the way clinical trials can be conducted has become increasingly clear!” says Anders Daniel Andersen, Head of Medical Sciences & Safety at Studies&Me, a LEO Innovation Lab spin out, when asked about

How has the pandemic impacted innovation in the health tech industry?

The pandemic has changed the world. All people, countries and industries have been affected one way or another. With challenges comes opportunities, and for our industry change is often welcomed as change is more often than not followed closely by innovative solutions and meaningful change.  Andrei Chiriac, Omhu According to Andrei Chiriac, Senior Medical Advisor

COVID-19 spurs the need for remote assessments in clinical research

In a time where social distancing has become the norm, the clinical trial industry may be forced to rethink operational aspects. Here’s how LEO Innovation Lab in cooperation with LEO Medical Sciences, Bispebjerg Hospital — Denmark and Stanford — USA have co-developed remote efficacy measures using patients’ own smartphones. Mette Brøgger-Mikkelsen, Medical Associate, LEO Innovation Lab Since the COVID-19

COVID-19 Pandemic Pushes Clinical Trials to go Virtual

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing the clinical trial industry to change the design of ongoing or upcoming clinical trials. Here’s what you need to know to become a virtual clinical trial expert. Ida Kløvgaard, Virtual Clinical Trial Manager, LEO Innovation Lab 2020 has become the year where people’s lives around the globe have been turned

Quantifying Ethical AI: How to Build Trustworthy Solutions

Ethics is making its way into the global AI race. As policy makers around the world draw up ethical principles for artificial intelligence, a question arises: How do we build and validate trustworthy AI in practice? Martin Holm Jensen, Head of AI & Machine Learning, LEO Innovation Lab Artificial intelligence is taking the world by

Traditional Healthcare is Unsustainable – is Tech the Answer?

Health resources worldwide are becoming increasingly strained as the burden of chronic diseases continues to grow alongside a rapidly aging population. With doctors in short supply, we need to look to digital technologies for a sustainable future for healthcare. Kristian Hart-Hansen, CEO, LEO Innovation Lab Rapid innovation is catalysing more efficient and scalable solutions to

Innovating for Social Good

When we think of capital, financial capital is what often comes to mind although natural, human, intellectual, and digital capital are essential elements for societies, businesses, and economies. This year’s St. Gallen Symposium challenged leaders of today and tomorrow worldwide to look past financial capital and find purpose beyond profit. Director of Entrepreneurship & Innovation,

5 Tips for Designing the World of Tomorrow

As the rate of technological innovation increases, we have to rethink our methods when designing for the future. Here’s how to approach the needs of the users of tomorrow with forward-thinking, ethical design. Designing for user needs is at the core of UX, but have you ever tried designing a solution for a user who