Developer for Decentralized Clinical Trials at Studies&Me

Studies&Me is scaling up our Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT) development team, and we are looking for 1-2 new hires for the team.

With decentralized clinical trials, we’re moving the studies out of the clinics and into the hands of our patients. This allows thousands of potentially interested patients to participate in medical research that they would otherwise not have been able to — either due to logistical- or time related constraints.

Through trial-specific mobile apps, our patients can participate in clinical trials from home when it fits their schedule, benefitting both them and the studies themselves.

Your role

Although the main, most visible part of your work will be the patient-facing apps (for Android and iOS), there’s also a significantly large variety of technologies in play behind the scenes.

The app itself is written in Dart, and Google’s Dart-based cross-platform development kit Flutter. But Dart and Flutter alone only gets us so far:

Our upcoming trials and studies require native code for handling features such as telemedicine, and integrations with physical health- and medical devices, such as health trackers (think FitBit), and wearable glucose monitors. Therefore you can also expect to be writing plenty of native Android/iOS code, in Kotlin and Swift respectively.

And finally, we have the app’s backend as well, written in Scala. This is where we connect the app with our existing internal services (as well as our data science department), where we orchestrate digital document signings between study personnel and patients, and implement other trial-specific functionalities, which varyvery from study to study.

As we’re operating in a strict, highly regulated field, we value strongly typed programming that makes our lives easier, and code that’s auditable and easy to reason about. 

We safeguard ourselves by employing property based testing and functional programming (when we can), continuous integration- and deployment, and adhere to good Git practices, constructive code reviews etc.

The ideal candidate
  • Is not necessarily a mobile developer by heart, but instead a generalist who enjoys learning and working with many different aspects of a software project.

  • Does not have to be a frontend wizard. We have an entire team of designers and UX’ers to support us in making the right user-facing decisions.

  • Do take pride in writing strong, solid code. You believe that coding is a craft, and that software should be built to last.

  • Is happy to teach, and doesn’t mind being taught. Development is a team effort, and we strive to share our skills with each other.

  • Is not afraid to take responsibility.

What we offer
  • A unique opportunity to work in the heart of Copenhagen in an old Bank (Bikuben) with high ceilings and a beautiful yard.

  • A dynamic and international organization, which is also reflected in the employee profiles.

  • A friendly, social and engaged work environment where all employees play an important role in each other’s successes.

  • A great canteen, with the most wonderful chef who cooks us lunch every day. The canteen also offers an always fully stocked snack bar and drinks fridge.

  • A lot of responsibility, flexibility in work life, high degree of freedom on how to solve tasks, and private health insurance.

How to apply

Does all of this sound interesting to you?

Then please send your application, together with your CV, as soon as possible to – with the subject “Developer for DCTs”.

We interview continuously, and will close for applications when the ideal candidates are found.   

At Studies&Me we believe that diverse teams widen our perspectives and broaden our skillset, and we encourage people with gender-, minority ethnic- or religious backgrounds to apply.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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