Medical Advisor, Studies&Me

Job description

Do you want to be our new Medical Advisor in digital medicine and help propel radical changes to the way clinical trials are conducted when developing new treatments?

You will be our subject matter expert on mHealth connected devices, in a dynamic and cross-functional organisation globally pioneering virtual and hybrid clinical trial conduct, by leveraging mobile and other technologies, as a digital-based CRO coming out of LEO Innovation Lab.

You will conceptualise, design, and lead PoC and feasibility studies in close collaboration with medical and engineering staff, and use your clinical understanding and data proficiency to interpret the results with the data team, before implementing into larger studies. You will leverage your strong medical background across multiple functions in the organisation, and safeguard our integrity through medical review of material intended for the public, such as marketing material and presentations. You will use your meticulous medical writing skills to support protocol and trial outlines in dermatology and other therapeutic areas, and publish our results in high standard scientific journals.

You will have the opportunity to pioneer digital medicine in the context of clinical trials, especially within dermatology. You will grow a strong international network amongst medical professionals, tech startups, and other stakeholders, and foster a strong collaboration with the scientific community, industry, and academia to enhance adoption of our findings. At conferences and through other relevant media, you will showcase our findings and evangelise our solutions and business offerings.


  • You have a medical degree from an accredited and internationally recognized medical school, and a proven record of medical writing/publications.
  • You are tech-savvy, and have some experiences working with mHealth connected devices, and perhaps you even have some coding experiences.
  • Preferably, you have worked within pharma, CRO, or the biotech industry, where you have gained a good understanding of clinical research including protocol development.
  • Finally, it is desirable if you are familiar with design thinking, and the principles of quality by design.
How to apply

In Studies&Me, we know that meaningful results require both the right approach and the right people. Irrespective of your role, we invite you to reimagine healthcare 2.0 with us. This is your opportunity to play an important part in this journey, and propel an inevitable change in healthcare, to ultimately improve human health outcomes.

Apply by sending your resume and cover letter to – with the subject ‘Medical Advisor’.

We are looking to fill this role in Copenhagen, Denmark, in Studies&Me as soon as the right candidate has been found. The role is placed in the department of Medical Sciences & Safety, and with a reportline to the head of department.

For more information, contact:

Anders Daniel Andersen
Head of Medical Sciences & Safety
+45 3121 3896