Innovating for Social Good

When we think of capital, financial capital is what often comes to mind although natural, human, intellectual, and digital capital are essential elements for societies, businesses, and economies. This year’s St. Gallen Symposium challenged leaders of today and tomorrow worldwide to look past financial capital and find purpose beyond profit. Director of Entrepreneurship & Innovation,

5 Tips for Designing the World of Tomorrow

As the rate of technological innovation increases, we have to rethink our methods when designing for the future. Here’s how to approach the needs of the users of tomorrow with forward-thinking, ethical design. Designing for user needs is at the core of UX, but have you ever tried designing a solution for a user who

Algorithms, Humans and Well-being: Understanding AI in 2019

With 5000 speakers, and participants from more than 100 countries, South By Southwest (SXSW) is one of the largest and most influential tech festivals. Our Head of International Communications Manita Dosanjh shared her insights from the annual conglomerate at “Key Takeaways from SXSW 2019” in Politikens Hus, Copenhagen.Read and watch her presentation from the event

Digital Phenotyping — Turning our Smartphones Inward

Insights from the digital fingerprints we leave behind — and how they can lead to better healthcare I know something’s not right but I can’t figure out what’s going on and why. So early Tuesday morning, I find myself heading to the doctor for a checkup before work. The clinic is empty except for an elderly woman

What’s really behind your body issues

At the age of 5, model and actress CariDee English was diagnosed with the autoimmune disorder psoriasis. She spent years trying to hide her condition fearing what others might think if they saw the red, inflamed patches on her skin. Today, she advocates for greater awareness of the impact of psoriasis on patients’ lives to

Tech Giants all have their Eyes on Healthcare. How does it affect you?

Large data companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon are making huge strides into healthcare as technological advancements have enabled digital healthcare to advance rapidly. Here’s what you need to know about the value these tech giants can generate, and what this means for you and the future of the healthcare industry. Why move into the

Inside the Mind of a Corporate VC

With Corporate Venture Capital on the rise, here are three tips to help founders secure an investment. I recently hosted a networking dinner for Israeli tech entrepreneurs, where I quickly found myself in the proverbial hot seat. After a few drinks, the conversation found its way into the world of corporate venture capital (CVC), and

AI is ready to change the future of dermatology – are you?

Technology is creating seismic shifts in how doctors diagnose and treat patients. We seek to uncover what this will mean for doctors in the future. Societies and industries across the globe are adopting new technologies at breakneck speed. In each of these instances, humans are faced with a fundamental dilemma – if machines are able

How can we teach a computer to diagnose skin conditions?

With the existence of more than 2,000 skin diseases, training AI to discover patterns can improve diagnostic accuracy and patient care. Here’s how it works. Artificial intelligence is no longer a thing of the future but an increasingly integrated part of our daily lives. From filtering out spam in your inbox, to ensuring a safe

Imagine: AI technology to pioneer patient-led healthcare

As the number of patients in need of specialist care rises, the skin tracking app Imagine seeks to empower patients and augment doctors in their work It’s no secret that the healthcare landscape of tomorrow will be drastically different to that of today. As the burden of chronic diseases rapidly increases worldwide alongside a growing