AI is ready to change the future of dermatology – are you?

Technology is creating seismic shifts in how doctors diagnose and treat patients. We seek to uncover what this will mean for doctors in the future. Societies and industries across the globe are adopting new technologies at breakneck speed. In each of these instances, humans are faced with a fundamental dilemma – if machines are able

How can we teach a computer to diagnose skin conditions?

With the existence of more than 2,000 skin diseases, training AI to discover patterns can improve diagnostic accuracy and patient care. Here’s how it works. Artificial intelligence is no longer a thing of the future but an increasingly integrated part of our daily lives. From filtering out spam in your inbox, to ensuring a safe

Imagine: AI technology to pioneer patient-led healthcare

As the number of patients in need of specialist care rises, the skin tracking app Imagine seeks to empower patients and augment doctors in their work It’s no secret that the healthcare landscape of tomorrow will be drastically different to that of today. As the burden of chronic diseases rapidly increases worldwide alongside a growing

Should good HealthTech make itself redundant?

Should good HealthTech make itself redundant? We’ve set out to explore how health technologies impact our lives and seek to change the way patients interact with the healthcare system.

Exploring the Tech of Tomorrow: Takeaways from Web Summit

Another year, another Web Summit. We headed to Lisbon to go down the rabbit hole of technological innovation from all corners the world. A six iLabbers share their best insights from one of the world’s largest tech summits. Taking time out of your daily work to attend conferences near and far can seem like a

Cracking the Black Box of Healthcare

Deep learning models, or “black boxes”, have the potential to redefine healthcare delivery and improve patient care. But due to their complexity, they also raise the question of explainability and thereby adaption.