Klikkit brings Danish angel investor onboard

IoT platform Klikkit has secured an angel investment of 2.5 million DKK. The capital boost strengthens Klikkit’s pursuit to make smart treatment plans available to patients worldwide with the click of a button.

Klikkit was designed as a smart reminder button to help users track and remember important activities such as taking their medication. Originally developed in LEO Innovation Lab, Klikkit was spun out as a separate legal entity in May 2018 on the coattails of an internationally successful kickstarter campaign.

Today, the company uses smart technology to improve medical adherence among patients through patient activation, and remote, real-time monitoring and support.


Smart buttons for smarter, connected treatment plans

Low adherence is a core problem in healthcare. 50% of chronic patients in the US have trouble following their treatment plans, which results in almost 125,000 deaths and a $300 billion healthcare cost every year.

In addition, 1 in 4 severe chronic patients are readmitted after hospitalisation within a month. Currently, many healthcare infrastructures across the world do not have a systematic way to monitor patients’ adherence once discharged. Although connected digital health solutions are on the rise, most devices are designed to address a single type of medication such as smart inhalers and smart injectors. Patients with chronic conditions, however, often experience comorbidities, and follow complex treatment plans involving different types of medications.

Klikkit offers a connected solution that helps patients follow all aspects of a treatment plan while enabling remote, real-time medical monitoring by healthcare professionals.

“Since Klikkit was spun out of LEO Innovation Lab last year, we have seen it fly from strength to strength – from garnering an impressive amount of international support through Kickstarter, to proving our original hypothesis in several pilots across the USA and Denmark. This recent investment achievement will no doubt launch the platform into scaling globally, and we are incredibly proud to have been part of it at LEO Innovation Lab,” said Kristian Hart-Hansen, CEO at LEO Innovation Lab.


Klikkit promotes data-driven, preventive care

On the individual level, Klikkit improves patients’ adherence by 38%. On a larger scale, Klikkit’s digital bridge between patients and accountable care organisations is estimated to reduce hospital readmissions by 20%, and increase patient management efficiency by 30%.

The goal is to provide a solution to optimise outpatient care by giving the healthcare system access to meaningful, real-time adherence data from patients. This, in turn, will also allow healthcare professionals to provide preventive care through remote interventions.

The recent angel investment will bring Klikkit a solid step closer to realising this goal and conquer the next frontier in healthtech: adherence.