LEO Innovation Lab to Showcase Healthtech at Web Summit

LEO Innovation Lab is heading to Lisbon in November to take part in one of the world’s largest tech events: Web Summit. Representing healthtech, we will be travelling as part of a delegation under Digital Hub Denmark to showcase the best of Danish tech and innovation before a global audience. 

Digital technology is changing the world and how we live. The way we communicate, learn, work, travel, and socialise is all powered by technology. Meanwhile, tech hubs all over the world are working to further expand the realm of possibilities, from San Francisco, Tel Aviv, and London – to Copenhagen. 

Denmark is home to almost a quarter of all scaleups currently in the high-growth phase in the Nordics. It has also spawned two of the top 11 European startups valued at over $1 billion. We’re a small country with big ideas, and with the support of Digital Hub Denmark, LEO Innovation Lab will be part of a delegation of Danish tech companies, showcasing our newest innovations that will be disrupting healthcare in 2020. 

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Solving global challenges with Danish tech

Web Summit gathers tech leaders, entrepreneurs, policy makers, academics, and investors – all coming together to discuss the big question in tech: What’s next?

This year, global leaders will be focussing on sustainability. From climate change to sustainable finance, building a more secure future for us all is going to be a hot topic at this year’s summit. At LEO Innovation Lab, we’ll be showcasing our newest developments in sustainable healthcare. 

“Web Summit is a truly global platform, a vibrant place where the most important voices in tech can meet and share their perspectives on how we can build a better future. A more effective, more sustainable future for healthcare is what drives us at LEO Innovation Lab, and we’re incredibly proud to have been chosen to represent Denmark as a leader in healthtech by Digital Hub Denmark,” said Kristian Hart-Hansen, CEO at LEO Innovation Lab. 

One of the most pressing global challenges to health systems around the world is an increasing shortage of healthcare workers. Lack of access to clinical support, an aging population, and the increasing burden of chronic diseases all put health systems worldwide under immense pressure and in need of new ways to support patients. Advancements in artificial intelligence and telemedicine can alleviate the strain on public healthcare. 

Introducing digital health platforms makes clinical support available to anyone with a smartphone. AI has the potential to augment doctors and serve as a digital second opinion for more accurate diagnoses for patients. And in our data-driven world, artificial intelligence can reveal new insights to bring us one step closer to personalised medicine. 

Tech companies already hold the key to a more sustainable future. All over the world, tech leaders sit on a groundbreaking technologies and know-how that can make an impact outside the confines of their organisation. In LEO Innovation Lab, for example, we are supporting a project that seeks to build a digital platform to help children in conflict zones. The platform will enable on-ground medical staff in to correspond directly with a network of paediatric specialists to treat children in need remotely. 


Europe’s Digital Frontrunner

Denmark is increasingly becoming recognised as a digital frontrunner with a strong focus on digital innovation as a driver for a sustainable future. Two years in a row, Denmark has been ranked the most digital nation in Europe. In 2018, Denmark ranked in top 10 of Bloomberg’s innovation index. 96% of top 25 Danish companies work with artificial intelligence, and Denmark has the most digitally friendly regulatory environment in the EU.

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We hope to see you at Web Summit!


Web Summit

Web Summit is the leading annual technology conference in Europe, held in Lisbon, Portugal. Web Summit has over 70.000 participants gathering leaders from the biggest tech companies, most promising start-ups, policy makers, academics, investors, and journalists to discuss the latest tech trends. The conference sets the direction for tech in Europe and globally.

On 4-7 November 2019, LEO Innovation Lab will be travelling to Web Summit as part of a delegation under Digital Hub Denmark to spotlight the best of Danish tech and innovation.