LEO Innovation Lab invests in digital diagnostics


LEO Innovation Lab, is taking a big step towards being able to bring Big Data into play – for the benefit of people with skin diseases.

With a new co-ownership of Finnish tech company Combinostics and a partnership with American VisualDx, LEO Innovation Lab is moving into a new territory: In the future to be able to offer HCP’s and patients digital solutions that can make it easier and faster for the HCP to diagnose a disease and to predict its course.

”We want to contribute to the development of services that can make it easier to diagnose skin diseases,” said Kristian Hart-Hansen, Head of LEO Innovation Lab. ”This is why the technologies and the use of data and algorithms developed by first-movers in health tech today is extremely interesting to us.”


App and web platform support the HCP

One of these is VisualDx, who has developed a web platform and an app that support HCP’s in diagnosing more correctly and therefore, prescribe more appropriate treatments. The HCP uses the platform to build a differential diagnose by entering their patient’s symptoms to get a list of possible conditions, accompanied by images, and then match the suggestions with what they see on their patients to help diagnose the disease.

VisualDx has developed a tool that could potentially make a difference to a significant number of people with skin diseases world wide. It can improve the patient journey as it can aid the healthcare provider in decision-making, engage patients, and therefore optimise their time,” said Kristian Hart-Hansen. ”Our partnership with VisualDx fits perfectly with LEO Innovation Lab’s work to create digital solutions that can improve the lives of people living with skin diseases. At the same time, it makes good sense in relation to LEO Pharma’s business to invest in a launch of the platform outside the US.”

VisualDx is a highly trustworthy platform that is endorsed by the American Academy of Dermatology,” says John Zibert, CMO LEO innovation Lab. “Furthermore, the Editor-in-Chief of VisualDx, Dermatologist, Professor Emeritus, Lowell A. Goldsmith, is the first author of the textbook in dermatology, Fitzpatrick’s Dermatology in General Medicine.”
In connection with collaboration with LEO Innovation Lab, VisualDx is being launched outside the US, and LEO Innovation Lab sponsors a feasibility study to document the advantages of the tool.

“We would very much like to see VisualDx become a preferred diagnostic support tool among HCP’s, as we believe this will be of great benefit to patients. A feasibility study that further validates VisualDx will facilitate this significantly”, says Kristian Hart-Hansen.


Great potential in algorithms and artificial intelligence

Besides partnering with VisualDx, LEO Innovation Lab has invested in Finnish Start-up by acquiring 7.5 per cent of the company.

“Artificial intelligence is still in the very early stages of development within healthcare. None the less, the way Combinostics uses data – through algorithms and machine learning –  is very interesting to us, and we see great potential in a collaboration that may in time become part of a solution for people living with skin diseases.

Combinostics has developed a unique way of combining imaging techniques with patient data such as molecular tests, genetic tests and neuropsychological tests to create a more intelligent analysis that can support doctors in diagnosing complex diseases earlier and more precisely.
While Combinostics focuses primarily on dementia, its core technology can be applied to several disease areas in the future.

“At LEO Innovation Lab we constantly aim to find partners who can help us develop technologies that can improve the lives of people with skin diseases,” said Kristian Hart-Hansen. “This investment is to strengthen our efforts to realise the untapped potential of using more intelligent data analysis in creating new solutions for people with skin diseases.


Link: http://www.visualdx.com/