LEO Innovation Lab is a Danish Design Award Finalist

Imagine allows users to track changes in their skin over time
The Danish Design Award is a globally renowned accolade that honours Danish companies making a difference with outstanding design. LEO Innovation Lab is a finalist in the Healthy Life category for our Imagine platform and its capabilities within AI-powered skin diagnosis.

The Healthy Life category highlights how design can affect human health in a positive way through, for example, smart technology and new intelligent design. Imagine, one of LEO Innovation Lab’s most mature digital solutions, was built to make healthcare more accessible for patients living with chronic skin conditions, and in need of long-term clinical support.


Imagine helps people stay on top of their skin condition

1 in 3 people will develop a skin disease over the course of their lives, but the infrastructure to support them does not exist. Misdiagnosis, long waiting times, inadequate treatments, and unaccounted lifestyle influence are some of the struggles that patients living with chronic skin conditions face.

In 2017, LEO Innovation Lab launched Imagine as a tool to empower patients to take back control of their skin disease.

By taking photos with their smartphone, the platform allows users to track skin lesions as they change over time. This documentation enables them to draw correlations with lifestyle triggers, assess the efficacy of treatments, and consequently to find the optimal treatment and lifestyle as fast as possible.


Imagine gives rise to AI-powered skin diagnosis

With more than 210,000 unique app installs, active users in 66 countries, and thousands of images representing diverse skin types, the extensive imaging data from Imagine has facilitated LEO Innovation Lab’s research and development in AI-powered diagnosis. Combining computer vision capabilities with deep learning, LEO Innovation Lab’s medical science and development teams are building a platform capable of diagnosing skin conditions from a smartphone image.

The system currently works most effectively for psoriasis, capable of diagnosing to an accuracy of 91%, which is on par with experienced dermatologists. With atopic dermatitis, the accuracy is 86%.

This technology can benefit both patients and doctors, as a study run by LEO Innovation Lab has revealed that general practitioners diagnose skin conditions with an accuracy of 50% on average*.

“At LEO Innovation Lab, we’re committed to building technology that can enable better access to healthcare, regardless of a person’s location or social background. Research in AI and machine learning is widespread right now, but in our work we’re striving to ensure a human perspective throughout every stage of our work with AI. It’s this connection to people that helps us design platforms that are not only groundbreaking in their capabilities, but accessible for all users,” said Kristian Hart-Hansen, CEO at LEO Innovation Lab.

Our model is being continuously optimised to identify even more skin diseases, such as acne and rosacea, and to include diverse skin tones to maintain an inclusive design and ensure a solution that is applicable worldwide.

We are proud to announce that Imagine and our achievements within AI-diagnostics have secured LEO Innovation Lab a place as finalist in the Danish Design Award.

Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony on 13th May.


Danish Design Award

Danish Design Award is an annual design event celebrating the best design solutions and highlighting the many ways in which design can make a difference.

The award show takes place on 13th May, where LEO Innovation Lab is a finalist in the Healthy Life category for the Imagine platform and its capabilities within AI-powered skin diagnosis.

Learn more about the nominations and the award show on Danish Design Award’s website here.


*LEO Innovation Lab internal data