Launching Closer Collaboration with Israeli Digital Health Ecosystem

As part of an ongoing initiative to nurture healthtech innovation coming out of Israel, the Danish health tech leader will be inviting Tel Aviv-Based Startup ‘Our Clinical Trial’ to join its incubation program in Copenhagen for three months.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – 21st November 2018 – LEO Innovation Lab has chosen Tel Aviv-born healthtech startup Our Clinical Trial as the winner of its global digital health challenge at The Technical University of Denmark’s High Tech Summit. For the young healthtech platform, the event marked the climax of a four week mentoring program from LEO Innovation Lab’s clinical and technological experts. The program was run in partnership with leading Israeli technology incubator eHealth Ventures, and received 45 applicants form across the work, with 30 from Israel.

LEO Innovation Lab will now be hosting the Our Clinical Trial team for three months in its Copenhagen headquarters, offering access to the incubator’s extensive resources; including support from experts in software development, machine learning/AI, patient engagement, clinical infrastructure and growth marketing. The initiative marks the first in an ongoing search for digital innovation in service of patients currently germinating in Israel.

“The Danish Embassy in Tel Aviv and its Innovation Center is very pleased that LEO Innovation Lab is launching a close collaboration with Israel’s digital health ecosystem,” said Mrs. Charlotte Slente, Ambassador of Denmark to Israel. “Both Denmark and Israel are world leaders in innovation in the health sector. Collaboration between the Israeli and Danish ecosystems therefore seems natural. We see the opportunity to cooperate with researchers and entrepreneurs from other leading countries in research and innovation as essential for inventing new disruptive solutions for diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases.”

Denmark currently stands as a European leader in digitised public services, poised to enable technological innovation at both a national and global level, and LEO Innovation Lab is keen to harness this potential to create more effective platforms for healthcare delivery. In 2018, Tel Aviv was found to have the highest GDP investment in research and development and the highest number of startups per capita in the world, making it an important arena for LEO Innovation Lab to explore partnerships that can create better healthcare for patients across the world.

“We were very excited to hear about the selection of an Israeli startup for the Leo Lab incubation program,” said Benny Dagan, Ambassador of Israel to Denmark. “LEO Innovation Lab will undoubtedly be an important step for Our Clinical Trial, and many other Israeli startups in the field of digital healthcare. The work LEO Innovation Lab is doing, is truly exceptional, and we see great potential for Israeli and Danish collaboration. Together providing solutions that improve quality of life for people suffering from skin diseases. Digital healthcare is just one of many areas where Danish and Israelis can come together, share knowledge and create innovative new technologies. The future seems bright.”

Our Clinical Trial is a digital clinical trial management platform designed to address some of the most prominent challenges in the trial process today: engagement, adherence, retention and tangible value for the patient. The platforms builds a layer of behavioural data from patients through a forum infrastructure, where sophisticated bots engage patients, facilitate interactions between patients and share useful content. The data from these interactions is then harnessed to identify concerns from patient or candidates throughout all stages of a trial, reducing dropout, and increasing adherence.    

“LEO Innovation Lab exists to grow technology that helps patients. We’ve known for sometime that there are many traditional processes in healthcare that are hindering patient well-being, rather than promoting it,” said Kristian Hart-Hansen, CEO, LEO Innovation Lab. “Our Clinical Trial is a strong example of how cutting edge technology – in the form of behavioural analytics through passive data collection, predictive algorithms and natural language processing – can bring the clunky, expensive and inefficient clinical trial process into the digital age, and mould it into something positive for patients.”

In addition to welcoming Our Clinical Trial to Copenhagen, LEO Innovation Lab looks forward to forging an ever stronger connection to the Israeli tech ecosystem.

eHealth Ventures will closely monitor the development of Our Clinical Trial as it creates value through the incubation period at LEO Innovation lab, will be involved in the process of designing the go-to-market strategy, and is looking forward to making an investment proposal to the company.

Ran Sa’ar, CEO of Maccabi Health Services, commented on the joint challenge and its result “Israel is known as a hotbed of innovation in the field of Digital Health and Maccabi, in collaboration with eHealth Ventures, is constantly seeking disruptive companies and products which will change the way healthcare is delivered and patients are diagnosed and treated. I am happy that some of these companies are receiving international exposure, through the collaboration with LEO Innovation Lab. This partnership is a great example for the interest of eHealth Ventures in bringing innovation to the market and we see this relationship, and our partners in Denmark as a strong and effective gate to Europe and the world. Congratulations to winners, and we are looking forward to seeing them develop for the benefit of the system and our patients.”

LEO Innovation Lab will continue to pursue partnerships in Israel from its satellite in Tel Aviv, to be able to nurture more innovative health tech platforms across both nations.


Note to Editors

LEO Innovation Lab is an independent unit of LEO Pharma, established as part of a long-term strategic decision to focus on patient needs with digital technology. The unit has a high degree of autonomy from its corporate mothership at LEO Pharma, to enable a start-up mindset and agile execution and has offices in Copenhagen, London, San Francisco, Toronto and Tel Aviv.



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