LEO Innovation Lab Launches LEO ventures


LEO Innovation Lab is launching a new initiative, LEO Ventures, which is going to invest in and give grants to start ups that can contribute to finding and developing solutions that can improve life of people living with psoriasis.

“We are developing a number of solutions that go far beyond pharmaceutical production, which has traditionally been the focus of LEO Pharma”, says Kristian Hart-Hansen, CEO og LEO Innovation Lab. “We believe that a lot of the new technologies that will be setting the agenda for healthcare in the future emerge in the start up environment, and we want to engage with them from the beginning so that we can be part of their development and ensure that we bring the best solutions to patients.”

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Initially, LEO Ventures will be supporting the start-ups either financially via grants or helping the entrepreneurs maturing their business in other ways, for instance by providing an expensive core function such as a CFO.

Over time, the collaborations can lead to acquisitions. To ensure the best coverage of the market, LEO Ventures will also be collaborating with external investors.

”Our ambition is to create an inflow of angel investors who have already identified a number of interesting technologies and businesses and are looking to invest in cooperatin with a strong partner, who offers more than money,” says Investment Partner Lars Buch, who will be heading LEO Ventures.