LEO Innovation Lab Wins DI Prisen

LEO Pharma’s novel approach to embracing digital opportunities is collecting recognition. The Danish Confederation of Industries (DI – Dansk Industri)  bestowed its prestigious annual prize, DI Prisen, on LEO Innovation Lab and LEO Pharma, for our work in digital innovation.

“With the creation of LEO Innovation Lab, pharmaceutical company LEO Pharma has truly broken the mold. The health apps make it easier for people to live with chronic diseases and they at the same time yield invaluable knowledge to LEO Pharma for its continued work with development of new treatments,” said Mads Thimmer, member of the nomination committee.

LEO Innovation Lab was one of five companies to be nominated to receive the prestigious annual award. The 2017 theme was digitisation and the ability to create value for the Danish society.

On stage to receive the prize were President & CEO Gitte P. Aabo , EVP R&D Kim Domela Kjøller and LEO Innovation Lab CEO Kristian Hart-Hansen.

“DI Prisen is testament to the work we do to help the millions of people around the world achieve healthy skin as well as the creativity, risk taking and persistence with the team at LEO Innovation Lab. With Kim and Kristian and the capable employees and collaborators,” said Gitte Aabo.