New index aims to document the effect of psoriasis and happiness


The launch of a new app that collects data for a psoriasis happiness index marks the anniversary of the WHO resolution on psoriasis.

The 24 May is the anniversary of the WHO resolution on psoriasis in which the organisation encouraged its member states to raise awareness regarding the disease.

Marking the anniversary, LEO Innovation Lab and the independent think tank The Happiness Research Institute launch a new app, PsoHappy, which is used to create a happiness index that is going to uncover the impact of psoriasis on the wellbeing of people living with psoriasis

“Several studies suggest that people living with psoriasis are not only physically affected by the disease, but also see a decrease in their quality of life and are more likely to suffer from depression and have suicidal thoughts” said Kristian Hart-Hansen, Head of LEO Innovation Lab. “But we need a better way of documenting the impact living with a chronic disease such as psoriasis has on people’s lives”.

Using the app, people with psoriasis rate their happiness by answering a number of different questions.
“A corner stone in the philosophy behind LEO Innovation Lab is that we live in a digital world, where digital solutions can solve health challenges and really meet the needs of people who are living with a certain disease,” said Kristian Hart-Hansen. “Today, almost everyone owns a smartphone and uses the Internet, so it makes sense to collect data where the users already are.”


Using UN Methods

During the past ten years, happiness has increasingly been used as a measure of prosperity. Since 2011, both the UN and the OECD have measured happiness globally, and Harvard University announced that it has established a new Center for Health and Happiness.

“We now have scientific proof that measuring happiness is not only possible but also meaningful,” said Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute. ”Perhaps, it is no big surprise that living with a chronic illness has a devastating effect on a person’s happiness. In addition, we know that living with uncertainties, as you do when you are suffering from a chronic disease, also severely impacts your wellbeing – so it makes good sense to create a happiness index to better document the impact of living with a chronic disease such as psoriasis.”

PsoHappy is launched in the US, Canada, UK and Denmark – but can be downloaded through App Store and used everywhere. The first results will be published in October this year in relation with the World Psoriasis Day.




Fact box:
  • PsoHappy is a happiness index documenting the wellbeing of people living with psoriasis.
  • Collects data through the PsoHappy app, which is available in App Store.
  • Based on the methods used by the UN and the OECD to measure the wellbeing of people globally.
  • Launched as a collaboration between LEO Innovation Lab and The Happiness Research Institute
  • The Happiness Research Institute is an independent think tank based in Copenhagen
  • LEO Innovation Lab is an seperate unit of global dermatology leader LEO Pharma
  • LEO Innovation Lab does not develop pharmaceutical products but focuses on digital solutions that can improve the lives of people with psoriasis
  • LEO Pharma is wholly owned by the LEO Foundation and reinvests its profits in the company