Innovation Challenge: Relieve Itch


Living with psoriasis or eczema is associated with terrible itch and patients often rate this, as the most distressing symptom of their condition. Itchiness is a large burden as the itch often can be so intense, that maintaining a normal life can be hard. Current solutions used by people involve non-medical treatments like coconut oil, creams, salt bath, sun, UV light, tar, mud and sleeping with gloves to prevent scratching.



We are looking for a digital and/or device solution which will enable people with a skin condition such as psoriasis or eczema, to find new relief from their itch or to live more comfortably with their itch.

Note that this challenge is not solely an idea challenge. Participants must eventually submit a proposed solution consisting of software, hardware or other forms of technology.

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We are awarding the best solution with a total prize amount of $50,000 USD.


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We at LEO Innovation Lab believe in the power of the crowd. We are sponsoring two innovation challenges in partnership with HeroX, where we will award cash prizes for innovative solutions, that address key issues for people living with a skin condition. 


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