Win €10 000 Cash and 3 Months of Incubation

Join LEO Innovation Lab’s Innovation Challenge for the Chance to Win €10 000 and 3 months of Incubation at our HQ in Copenhagen.

This October at the High Tech Summit, we’ll be choosing one lucky entrepreneur with a groundbreaking health tech idea, to join our team of leading innovators for 3 months.

If you’re interested in making a difference in the lives of people living with chronic conditions with technology, we want to hear from you.

All initial entries must be submitted no later than August 31st with the name of your idea starting with “HTS”.

At the end of August, the best 15 solutions will be selected to mature their idea with a group of leading health tech specialists from LEO Innovation Lab.

After a final selection round on September 15th, the 5 best ideas will be chosen to pitch to a panel of Denmark’s most renowned tech innovators at DTU’s High Tech Summit on October 11th.

One solution will be chosen to win:

  • 3 months of incubation at LEO Innovation Lab in Copenhagen
  • €10 000 cash prize

All submissions must directly address two core challenges that we have identified in the healthcare space right now.


Challenge one: ”Digital Data in Healthcare”

At LEO Innovation Lab, the driving force behind our innovation is data. Collecting data about how patients are moving through the evolving patient journey broadens our understanding of diseases and their impact. Many conditions are not fully understood by healthcare professionals and scientists alike, and this can lead to inaccurate diagnosis or inappropriate treatment recommendations. Digital data offers a solution to this challenge. Both passive data (collected from smartphone behaviours for example) or active data (collected from wearables) can offer visibility where it hasn’t been possible before.
Your idea could offer a solution that combines expertise in data analysis, data science, and artificial intelligence, to fulfil the challenge of gaining more accurate disease understanding.

We are in particular looking for solutions that may help people with a chronic skin disease.


Challenge two: ”Centralising Clinical Trials”

In drug and medical device development, we perform clinical studies to validate whether a solution is safe and effective. We’re constantly exploring how digital methods can be built into the clinical trial process to introduce more efficiency and a more direct benefit to patients.

For example, your submission could focus on how the clinical trial process can be digitised by centralising it to one site, allowing more patients to join remotely. Check out this article for inspiration.

We have launched one such solution, Studies&Me, and are keen to explore more avenues in this arena.

Submit your ideas before August 31st for the chance to win. We look forward to hearing from you.