World Psoriasis Happiness Report Attracts Global Media Attention.

On 16th October, one of LEO Innovation Lab’s most mature projects, PsoHappy, released the World Psoriasis Happiness Report in partnership with the Happiness Research Institute. The report contained insights on the impact of psoriasis on happiness from 121,800 patients from 184 countries.

The report has attracted positive responses from both global and national media across the world. Ahead of World Psoriasis Day, The Huffington Post cited the project’s data insights from it’s UK respondents in a piece highlighting the reality of living with psoriasis. Harper’s Bazaar, NetDoctor and Red also covered the story.

Jamie Lyn Moy’s A Spot of Hope, and patient forum Plaque Psoriasis have dedicated blog posts to the rpeort findings, along with renowned psoriasis bloggers Todd Bello and Howard Chang for EveryDay Health and as a Facebook Live broadcast.

Renowned Brazilian health columnist Dr. Jairo Bouer, noted the increased negative impact of psoriasis on Brazilian women, along with national medical journal Diário do Nordeste and Radio Justica.

Learn more about the how psoriasis impacts happiness by downloading the report here.