What we do

At LEO Innovation Lab we don’t develop medical treatments. Instead, we look at all the aspects of everyday life and develop digital solutions that can affect a person who live with a skin condition.

Take a look at the ideas we explore and the solutions that are already live.

Studies&Me (live)
Studies&Me is a digital recruitment and qualification platform for clinical studies.
Flaym (live)
Flaym is a friendly community offering support and advice on life with psoriasis.
PsoHappy (live)
PsoHappy is a global happiness index for psoriasis developed by The Happiness Research Institute and LEO Innovation Lab. By sharing a passion for improving the lives of people living with chronic conditions around the world, we want to make subjective well-being a more prominent part of the healthcare systems and policy making.
Imagine (live)
Mobile app to track and analyse skin condition over time using advanced image analysis.
HelloSkin™ (live)
HelloSkin is an online store aimed at improving quality of life for people living with a chronic skin condition. We do this by guiding people to healthier skin with data driven insights to help them access the right products, information and support based on their individual needs.
VisualDx (exploring)
VisualDx is an online and mobile solution that helps doctors recognise the different signs and symptoms of skin conditions, providing a way to make consultations more efficient and to involve the patient in the diagnosis.
Klikkit (exploring)
The add-on device is a project where we make our existing product portfolio intelligent primarily through the shelf technology.