What we do

At LEO Innovation Lab we don’t develop medical treatments. Instead, we look at all the aspects of everyday life and develop digital solutions that can affect a person who live with a skin condition.

Take a look at the ideas we explore and the solutions that are already live.

Flaym (live)
Flaym is a friendly community of people offering support and advice on psoriasis.
PsoHappy (live)
A collaboration with The Happiness Research Institute. We explore how psoriasis impacts quality of life and levels of happiness with a view to raise awareness, address stigma and build a community of support.
Imagine (live)
Mobile app to track and analyse skin condition over time using advanced image analysis.
CitizenResearch (live)
CitizenResearch is improving people’s skin and health through surveys on supplements, nutrition and factors from everyday life. Inclusive research on external factors - tried and tested by real people.
TREAT (live)
Get a personal nutrition coach to help transform your diet and calm the inflammation that can cause your symptoms.
QualityCare™ (live)
QualityCare™ is a platform tailored to people living with psoriasis - designed to provide personalized information and innovative services & tools to support and encourage people during all stages of their disease journey.
HelloSkin™ (live)
HelloSkin is the first online store for people with psoriasis. Here you can find a meticulous selection of non-prescription products and purchase them immediately.
VisualDx (exploring)
VisualDx is an online and mobile solution that helps doctors recognise the different signs and symptoms of skin conditions, providing a way to make consultations more efficient and to involve the patient in the diagnosis.
InTouch (live)
Intouch allows medical experts to have consultations through video or text to receive treatment, advice and prescriptions.
Klikkit (exploring)
The add-on device is a project where we make our existing product portfolio intelligent primarily through the shelf technology.
MyPso (live)
MyPso is an app that allows people living with psoriasis to log their symptoms and triggers, map their trends and progress and download results, helping them to see the ‘big picture’ of their psoriasis.